Ignition Acropolis Release


Ignition Acropolis Release

We are proud to announce of release Ignition Acropolis. Please read the complete post about the release here

Future of Gazebo

The latest release of Gazebo, Gazebo 10, was rolled out in January 2019. We plan to continue to support Gazebo over the coming year and release Gazebo 11 in 2020. Gazebo 11 will be an LTS release, with a EOL date of Jan 2025. Gazebo 11 will also the be final release of the Gazebo lineage. Development efforts toward simulation will focus primarily on Ignition. Users of Gazebo can expect migration guides, tutorials, and additional help to be developed over the course of 2019 and 2020 to aid in the transition.

Over 16 years of experience has helped to inform and guide the development of Ignition. We believe that the shift toward Ignition will be extremely beneficial to community. As always, this remains an open-source project and we look forward to your feedback and contributions.

Gazebo/Ignition Development Team