Gazebo Newsletter: August 2018


Gazebo Newsletter 12 August 2018

This month we have three updates on upcoming features in Ignition Robotics. The first is a new library for registering plugins and dynamically loading them at runtime. This library is called Ignition Plugin and can be found at A few features offered by Ignition Plugin include:

  • Users can register template-based classes as plugins and/or interfaces.
  • Plugin libraries that are no longer in use will be automatically unloaded.
  • A plugin can be registered anywhere from within any translation unit.
  • Interfaces never need to be queried by name with a string.

Ignition Transport has acquired topic remapping, which will be distributed in version 5. Topic remapping allows a user to programmatically reassign a topic's name to a different name. Remapping can be useful when playing back log files, or interfacing to another piece of software that requires a specific topic name.

Lastly, we are making progress toward Ogre2.1 support in Ignition Rendering. Support for Ogre2.1 will arrive in late September, alongside a beta release of Gazebo11. Ogre2.1 offers improved performance, material handling, and rendering fidelity.

Community Contributions

We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions to Gazebo.


The following list includes releases made over the past month.

  • Gazebo 9.3.0
  • Gazebo 7.14.0
  • Ignition CMake 1.1.0~pre2

Featured Model

Ever wanted to visualize all of the joint types in Gazebo? Then you should take a look at the Demo Joint Types model.


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