Gazebo Newsletter: November 2018


Gazebo Newsletter 14 November 2018

Libraries within the Ignition Robotics framework have been under development for a few years now. For example, Ignition Transport was started back in 2014. Ignition Robotics is now ready for a unified release, which would consist of a curated and compatible group of library versions. This first major release of Ignition Robotics will arrive in February 2019.

An alphabetic naming scheme has been chosen for Ignition Robotics in preparation for the release. The naming scheme will be used to guide the creation of release names, similar to Ubuntu and ROS. One difference is that Ignition will use only a noun to name a release, instead of a adjective-noun pair. The naming scheme is architecture, and the first release of Ignition Robotics will be named Acropolis. More information about Ignition Acropolis will be available leading up to the release.

Community Contributions

No new contributions merged into Gazebo or SDFormat this month.

Featured Models

A generic quadcopter and hexacopter are available for use in simulation. These models are used in SubT, and can be controlled the using the RotorS package.


The following list includes releases made over the past two months.

  • Ignition Rendering 1.0.0~pre4



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