Gazebo Newsletter: November 2016


Gazebo Newsletter 7 November 2016

The Space Robotics Challenge (SRC), a NASA Centennial Challenge, has recently kicked off. The SRC "tasks teams with developing and displaying the ability of an R5 robot to assist in the procedures of a NASA mission, such as one to Mars, offering a $1 million prize pool for successful teams."

The SRC uses Gazebo and a set of plugins to simulate R5 and the challenge environments. Qualifications are underway, where competitors solve two tasks on their personal computers. Finals will take place next year, and will utilize CloudSim with Gazebo.


  • Ignition Msgs 0.6.0
  • Ignition Math 2.6.0

Tip of the month

Gazebo can generate a lot of data, especially when simulating complex robots. This data can be used to tune model parameters, debug unexpected behavior, write unit tests, and peform system introspection and identification. However, raw data is difficult for a human to consume.

Gazebo 8 will ship with a plotting utility that can display in real time data produced by Gazebo. The plotting utility is capable of processing data from simulation models and data available on topics. Below is an example image of the plotting utility.


Featured Model

A generic Mars rover is available in the model database. rover


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