Occupied Event


The SimEventsPlugin contains multiple components, one of which is the OccupiedEvent. The OccupiedEvent will send a message on a topic whenever a model occupies a specified three dimensional region.

Usage and Example

The OccupiedEvent component is instantiated through the libSimEventsPlugin.so and relies on at least one <region> and <event>, where the <event> has a <type> of occupied.

In the following example, a region is specified as a box volume with a minimum corner at 0, 0, 0 and a maximum corner at 1, 1, 1 in the world coordinate frame. The name of this region is region1. An <event>, of <type> occupied, with the name region1_event is also specified that uses region1. When a model occupies region1 a string message with a data value of "0" is sent on the ~/elevator topic.

<plugin filename="libSimEventsPlugin.so" name="event_plugin">

      <min>0 0 0</min>
      <max>0 1 1</max>



Multiple regions and events may be specified. See the worlds/elevator.world for a longer example.