Player Camera


Player is a robot control framework, please visit their website for more information.

This tutorial covers connecting the camera Player interfaces to Gazebo.

Create a working directory

cd; mkdir gazebo_camera; cd gazebo_camera

Player Config

Copy the config script below into a file called camera.cfg. The following script is also accessible via this link.

  name "gazebo"
  provides ["simulation:0"]
  plugin "libgazebo_player"

  # The name of a running Gazebo world, specified in a .world file
  world_name "default"

  name "gazebo"
  provides ["camera:0"]

  # This name must match a scoped name of a sensor in the "default" world
  # The format of a scoped name is "model_name::link_name::sensor_name"
  camera_name "pioneer2dx::camera::link::camera"


Run Gazebo

gazebo worlds/

Run Player

player camera.cfg

Run playerv


You can now visualize the camera inside playerv.