Gazebo 6.0.0 Release


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End-of-life Notice

Gazebo 1.9 and 3.x have had a nice long lives, and it's time to put these version to rest. We will continue to address questions about Gazebo 1.9 and 3.x, but we will stop fixing bugs.

Highlights for 6.0.0

Another six months has elapsed, and nicely polished Gazeob6 is ready for use. We spent a considerable amount of time delving into Windows in an effort make Gazebo cross-platform. The process of compiling Gazebo on Windows was both a learning experience, and an uphill battle. The good news is that you can now compile Gazebo natively on Windows. Over the coming months we will refine this process, and offer a proper Windows installer.

A few of Gazebo's internal libraries are slowing transitioning into separate packages. We noticed that Gazebo has many great capabilites that are hidden or difficult to use. Access to these features will improve with this separation, and Gazebo's core footprint will shrink. The first library to to start this transition is Gazebo's math library, which is now Ignition Math. Gazebo7 will see a complete transition to Ignition Math, and the start of Ignition Transport which replaces Gazebo's internal transport library.

Enjoy the new release, and thanks for all the contributions,

  OSRF Development Team