Gazebo Newsletter: May 2016


Gazebo Newsletter 1 May 2016

Welcome to the first installment of the Gazebo newsletter.

Tip of the month

This month's tip is about debugging problems with simulation.

  1. Start Gazebo paused with the "-u" command-line argument. Useful when you need to visualize simulation state before physics kicks in.
    $ gazebo -u
  2. Look in the log files for errors, warnings, and other information.
  3. Visualize model properties in the GUI.
    View Menu -> [Collisions, Joints, Inertia, Center of Mass]
  4. Use verbose mode to output more information on the command line.
    $ gazebo --verbose


  • Gazebo's API has a new look, and resolves a few issues.
  • Over the past month, significant effort has been put into a new graphical plotting tool for Gazebo. Check-out the plotting branch in Gazebo to give it a spin. This also marks the first use of Ignition Transport with Gazebo.
  • Big thanks to Olivier Crave for contributing an Atmosphere and Wind model to Gazebo.
  • Thanks also to Thomio Watanabe, Olivier Crave, Almin Causevic, and Gama11 for their bug fixes! We love to see bugs squashed.
  • Peter Mitrano has started work on improving compilation speed using precompiled headers.


  • Gazebo 7.1.0 (Change Log)
  • SDFormat 4.1.0 (Change Log)
  • Ignition Robotics
    • Msgs 0.3.0
    • Transport 1.2.0
  • RoboCup3DS 0.2.0
  • gazebo_ros_pkgs
    • Kinect Scheduled for release on May 23rd
    • Jade and Indigo available in Shadow Fixed


We need your help to squash bugs! Please visit our issue trackers to get started.

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