Gazebo Newsletter: May 2018


Gazebo Newsletter 9 May 2018

Progress has been made on various fronts during the month of April. Ignition Physics has seen the first of a series of pull requests to define a physics abstraction layer merged. Model version support is under development on Ignition Fuel. Improved support for material properties and shapes are being added to Ignition Math. Message logging and playback has been added to Ignition Transport. And finally, Ignition Rendering can now render text in a 3D scene.

Community Contributions

We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions to Gazebo.


The following lists includes releases made over the past month.

  • Gazebo 7.12.0
  • Ignition CMake 1.0.0~pre2
  • Ignition Common 1.1.0

Tip of the month

View Angle Widget

A 3D scene projected onto a flat screen can make placement or inspection of objects difficult. The toolbar, located above Gazebo's main scene view, contains a Change View icon that looks like a wire-frame box with one surface colored orange. Selecting the Change View icon displays a widget with multiple view options.

Each of the boxes with a colored face in the Change View widget will move your camera to a particular view orientation. For example, the box with a colored face on the left will move your camera to view the scene from the left. Use the button with a home icon to move your camera back to its position and orientation when Gazebo was opened.

Finally, the drop-down located at the bottom of the Change View widget allows you to select from Perspective or Orthographic projections. While not a realistic depiction of the scene, an orthographic projection can be handy when placing and scaling objects.

For more information about the toolbar visit the User Interface Tutorial

Featured Model

The featured model this week is a gazebo made of wood.


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