Project Status


The Gazebo development team has been hard at work creating, refining, and testing the next version of Gazebo. We realized that a significant amount of knowledge surrounding the development and release process is held solely by the core developers. With a update to the Gazebo website, this information is now available to everyone.


The new Project Status section displays a plethora of useful information for people keen on understanding what has happened and what will be released in the near future. A progress bar on top of left column indicates the current release phase (development = orange, feature freeze = blue, code freeze = green). Below the progress bar is the Gazebo road map that includes key features from previous releases. The badges on the road map boxes indicate what version of Gazebo will be in ROS, and the recommended version for use with Ubuntu.

The right column contains a table with statistics about the code itself. This information can be used to evaluate the quality of the code. Below the table is a list of the tools that we use to check, test, and evaluate the code that is written.

Hope you enjoy and find the information useful!