Updated tutorials


We are making great progress on Gazebo's goals for version 4.0. The first item tackled is an updated tutorial system. Until now, Gazebo tutorials have resided on http://gazebosim.org/wiki/Tutorials. While the wiki format is convenient in many ways, it was not well suited to our needs. For instance, tutorial versioning is difficult, and there was limited edit control.

The new tutorial system is integrated directly into the main Gazebo website. Tutorial information is pulled directly from the new gazebo_tutorials GitHub repository. This approach supports the fork --> modify --> pull-request method of editing and creating new tutorials.

While we were at it, we gave the tutorials a face-lift and added version information to each tutorial. A dropdown in the upper-right of each tutorial allows you to switch between content appropriate for different versions of Gazebo. An Edit button, located directly to the right, allows you to quickly and easily modify the tutorial. For more information about creating and editing tutorials, please see the Contribution Tutorial.

Enjoy the new tutorials!