HAPTIX DEKA Luke hand installation


This tutorial describes how to install the DEKA Luke hand model and how to start the simulation environment with this limb.

We assume that you have already completed the installation step.

Getting the DEKA Luke hand model and documentation

All performer team leads should have received a download link for the DEKA Luke hand model from DEKA webtransfer system. If you believe you should have received a copy but did not, please contact haptix@osrfoundation.org for help.

The model file will be provided in a zipped file that looks like Luke_Hand_Gazebo_vXX.X.zip with corresponding documentation file in another zip file named Luke_Hand_Gazebo_Doc_vXX.X.zip.

Note that the generic haptix and simulation API documentation can be found here.

Installing Gazebo DEKA Luke hand model for handsim

unzip Luke_Hand_Gazebo_vX.X.zip -d ~/.gazebo/models/

Installing documentation for Gazebo DEKA Luke hand model

unzip Luke_Hand_Gazebo_Doc_vX.X.zip -d /tmp/

To view documentation, open the following link in a browser:


Running handsim with DEKA Luke hand model

To start Gazebo with the DEKA Luke hand model, type the following command in a terminal:

gazebo --verbose worlds/luke_hand.world