Install on Windows

This document collects the different options available on Windows to bring Gazebo into a Windows system.

Windows is not a fully officially supported platform by Open Robotics for Gazebo. Open Robotics guarantees that the code is compatible with compilations on Windows but there are no packages officially available. Since Gazebo is open source, the Gazebo Community provides distribution using different projects.

Community support

The Gazebo Community runs different projects to facilitate the Windows installation providing all the dependencies and patch the code to solve problems at runtime (help from Open Robotics is usually provided).

For the different Community projects available, checkout the issue tracker. Below is a quick overview of some of them.

Gazebo on Windows via conda-forge

conda-forge is a collection of packages to be used with the conda package manager.

General feedback on using conda-forge is collected in this Gazebo issue.

For contributions or bug reports on using Gazebo with conda the best place is the conda-forge issue tracker.

Gazebo on Windows via vcpkg

vcpkg is a package manager oriented to C and C++ libraries and tools managed by Microsoft. There is a port for Gazebo.

General feedback on using vcpkg is collected in this Gazebo issue.

For contributions or bug reports on using Gazebo with vcpkg the best place is the vcpkg issue tracker

Gazebo on Windows via WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

WSL is a compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables on Windows 10 and newer.

The Project DAVE provides detailed instructions to setup WSL and install Gazebo together with ROS Noetic using Ubuntu Linux installed on Windows. ROS installation can be avoided and just follow instructions until the point of installing ROS Noetic packages and use apt to install libgazebo11-dev.